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How to improve your bathroom with the slightest touch

Traditionally bathrooms were just a place where you spent time washing the day away.  The Bathroom has become an important room which needs to be functional and at the same time can be a stylish statement within the home.  These checklist items will ensure that you are ticking all the boxes when it comes to decorating your bathroom.


Add some flair to your bathroom with simple decorative touches, such as a vase of flowers, some tastefully coloured bath towels or some gorgeous timber stained shutters.  Most people like to stick to a neutral colour scheme within this room, and by accessorising with an accent colour theme you can add some class without breaking the bank.  Just make sure that you don’t get too crazy with the accessories and end up crowding your bathroom.


Typically mirrors are positioned above the bathroom sink; however, it is important to note that mirrors become impractical if the lighting is poor.  Especially when putting on your makeup or shaving your face –  Lighting should be positioned either at face level or just above the mirror, so light shines in front of the face without casting a shadow.  Track lighting is also a popular option within the bathroom to overcome any vanity lighting issues.  With many lighting and mirror options to choose from when decorating your bathroom, it is important to choose a style which is not only suited aesthetically but is also practical.


Households are finding it increasingly more difficult to get ready for the day when the bathroom is constantly being occupied by other family members.  Installing dual sinks is a clever and eye-catching solution which allows two people to get ready without getting in the way of one another.  Double sinks also mean double the storage space!  Drawers beneath the vanity are a practical and tasteful solution for storing your bathroom products.  If you require further storage, mirrored wall mounted medicine cabinets are also an option which can double as your mirrors.

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