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If you can’t stand the heat, makeover your kitchen

The previously humble kitchen, once hidden away in its own room, destined to a life of working solitude has over the years transformed into so much more. It has become one of the most celebrated rooms in the home, often making or breaking an entire home design. Slowly but surely the kitchen has even begun to absorb other rooms in the house, evolving itself into the room-mecha we have today. Whether you’re getting down to business with a large renovation project or simply want to add style to your existing kitchen, here are five tips to help you along the process.


When it comes to splashbacks there are so many options to choose from and it’s almost impossible to decide from one small sample tile. Even if you’ve chosen a colour there’s still a plethora of tile types, textures and patterns to confuse you even more. Our advice – keep it simple (always). A white subway tile is a classic feature – combining with a dark grout creates an effective feature splashback, or stick to a neutral white grout to let other kitchen elements shine. Coloured splashbacks are also a fun way to compliment or contrast your central colour scheme.  Have your tiles laid offset for a classic look or diagonal herringbone for a more striking room feature. If you’re looking for an alternative to tiles, stainless steel, glass or marble are excellent, although often more expensive options.


In the business of lights.

There are three kinds of lights for your kitchen – lights to make a statement (especially during those dinner parties with friends), lights for getting down to business and cooking up a storm or Natural light.

The first is the one you’ve no doubt seen in the kitchens of your dreams while browsing pinterest; large pendant lights that make a statement no one can ignore. Pendant lights should throw soft lighting – used to set the mood (pasta and wine anyone?) while bringing additional character into your kitchen.

The second side of kitchen lighting are the practical lights that provide bright, functional lighting to your cooking space. These lights can be hidden under cupboards or in strips in corners to illuminate benches.

The third is organising letting in controlled natural light into the kitchen with adjustable plantation shutters. Natural light always has a way of making rooms like larger, cleaner and more inviting, so the trick to doing this while keeping your house cool is controlling the amount of light you let in by adjusting the shutters accordingly

Combining the natural. practical and statement lighting creates the perfect combination of form and function within your kitchen.


Not all appliances are created equal.

Some appliances should be kept in the cupboard only to see the light of day when needed, while some, on the other hand, can be celebrated and permanently kept on the bench to compliment the design of your kitchen – yes this might be your brand new snazzy juicer or your beloved Nespresso machine. An increasing amount of manufacturers are realising the need for appliances to not only work well but also have a stylish facade. Kettles, toasters, blenders and mixers are just some of the benchtop appliances that come in a variety of stylish designs and colours.


Get practical, really practical.

Even the best looking kitchens can fall flat without adequate and effective storage.  The first place you need to start when decluttering your kitchen is your shelving.  Many homeware stores stock a variety of storage and shelving units for your cupboards and benches.  Removing cluttered items from your benches will open up your kitchen straight away and give you more room to cook and get creative.  Stacking jars of all shapes and sizes is also a really effective design trick and space saver, as you can store everything from cookies and lollies to spices and baking ingredients.


A kitchen is a study, a dining and a lounge.

Your kitchen has the potential to be so many things but remember to work with the space you have. In some spaces, it may be practical to have a workstation in the kitchen, in others however it may be too busy and look overly cluttered. Our advice is to start with a stock standard, simple, but beautifully designed kitchen and let it naturally evolve to become a space that works with your lifestyle.


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