Adelaide’s Cheapest Plantation Shutters

Indoor plantation shutters have become an essential part in designing the décor of a modern and functional home for the millennial generation. With so many new home developments popping up all over Adelaide, more and more people choose to fit plantation shutters on their windows for aesthetic pleasure and energy efficiency.

Plantation shutters hold great appeal to the first home owner as they bring the dream plantation style home, that we all saw in the movie Notebook, to reality. Also, they offer your property a unique identity with a majority of homes being built in the new developments in Adelaide’s south and north following similar structures due to volume builders offering the best costs, making street full of uniquely built homes a rarity in the 21st century.

As we move into the year 2019, we at Shutters HQ find the biggest reason people are turning to window shutters in Adelaide is to save on their energy bills. Will soaring energy prices and more electronics in our homes than ever. Adelaide families are utilising all that is available to help with the monthly power bills. With tests proving that a full house of shutters can reduce the cooling section of your power bill by up to 35%. If this all matches up to what you want then you are on the right track, now you need to find a trusted company to measure, quote and install.

Why Choose Shutters HQ

Shutters HQ installs plantation shutters Adelaide wide and in many towns throughout South Australia. We have been committed to doing so for many years now with without charging extremely overpriced rates for travel like some other companies.

With our team of experts, we aim to always deliver the fastest and cheapest quotes in the Adelaide market while being transparent about the whole process.

We try to separate ourselves from the below acceptable standards to which our industry operates in today. With constant discounts to confuse clients but with no tangible value, we simply guarantee we have the best and fairest prices in the market. Otherwise, we are happy to match any written quote and beat it by $50.

Various types to select from

There are many different materials to choose from and often this will change the prices of plantation shutters. But not to worry as our team of experts are always available o discuss what shutter best suit your needs to make sure you don’t make any mistakes.

PVC Shutters

Polytherm are some of the most popular plantation shutters in the market because they are arguably the most cost-effective option available in Adelaide and they still look and feel almost identical to the authentic option.

Made with a core of aluminium ensuring the panels and louvres remain durable and strong with Polytherm covering. This means that they remain water resistant and are ideal to be fitted for the wet areas in your home. They are also available in both 64mm and 89mm width blades.

Stained or Painted Timber Shutters

Nothing beats authentic timber stained or painted shutters fitted to your home to create that authentic plantation style living décor.

Each stile and louvre is sanded back to expose the beautiful timber grains giving a unique style to every single blade. For the truly authentic feel, you cannot look past our timber selection for your home. They are available in the Blade sizes 64mm, 89mm, 89mm(flat) & 114mm.

Avenir Shutters

Avenir is new to Australia, released to the market on October 2018, and have already been unofficially named the future of Adelaide plantations shutters and Australia. With an unbeatable 10-year warranty available and completely water resistant. They are perfect for wet areas no matter the size. They have also been developed to allow you to achieve the widest single expanse plantation shutter on the market measuring up to 1100cm. They have multiple frame options, from the Z frame of L frame, and can be made to fit even custom shaped windows or doors. No matter the square or slope. These shutters are going fast, so be quick and give us a call.

Installation time frames

We have teamed up with Australian and even more conveniently South Australian manufacturers to ensure our clients receive not only the cheapest plantation shutters on the marketing place but give extremely quick turn installation times. We can guarantee to have you measured, quoted and your shutters installed within 4 – 8 weeks but don’t be surprised if we can deliver all the above within 2 weeks.